Ag LEAP (Learning Edge Academic Program) is a summer program for incoming first-year College of Agricultural Sciences students accepted to the University Park campus.

Ag LEAP runs during the second summer session, providing an opportunity for students to start their Penn State career in a small-college atmosphere set within the larger University. The program pairs academic coursework with out-of-class experiences and peer-mentoring to help students successfully transition to college.


Each student selects an academic "pride," which consists of two 3- or 4-credit courses with the same students in both classes. Prides are announced in the spring.

Student Life and Experiences

As part of a living-and-learning community, all LEAP students live in the same group of residence halls and participate in activities that help them acclimate to University life. To help build this community, the College of Agricultural Sciences enhances the experience with additional opportunities to explore the college, campus and agriculture.

Tours may include both University facilities and industries in the area. Students will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the science behind the food, fiber and natural resources, in local, state, national and global contexts. Specific information regarding each tour will be given at orientation. Each pride may also have its own additional set of tours.

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Visit the Penn State LEAP website for complete details, including how to register.

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