Jenneth R. Layaou

  • Director of Campus Enrollment and Retention
  • Director, Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences
  • (formerly The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences)
Jenneth R. Layaou
139 Ag Administration Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-867-0383


  • Campus Liaison for the College
  • Manages the College's Change of Campus and Transition Process
  • Directs and manages the Ag Sciences Change of Campus Mentor Program
  • Directs the College's Learning Edge Academic Program (Ag LEAP)
  • FAEIS Data for the College
  • Adviser, Students for Cultivating Change
  • Member of the College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Coordinating Council
  • Member of the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association
  • Life Member of the Penn State Alumni Association
  • Member of Gamma Sigma Delta Honors Society