The hard science and craft of manufacturing food and beverages. Learn to preserve, process, package, and distribute food that is nutritious, delicious, and safe to eat in a hands-on, small-class setting. Step immediately into a rewarding career in industry and government or continue your academic work.

Interest Areas
  • Business
  • Food
  • Science
  • Policy and Regulatory Affairs
  • Health and Medicine
Target Major/Degree
Facilities, Centers, and Institutes

Our food science facilities boast state-of-the art research and teaching labs, three specialized and dedicated pilot plants and the largest and most sophisticated dairy manufacturing plant associated with any academic institution in the country.

  • Product research and development 
  • Industry sales and marketing 
  • Federal and state regulatory agencies 
  • Graduate school 
  • Sensory and evaluation labs
  • Food processing operations 
  • Quality assurance and inspection
  • Food safety
  • Manufacturing 
  • Procurement 
  • Trade associations 
  • Universities and extension
  • Technical sales and service
Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Food Science Club
  • Student Farm Club
  • Sustainable Agriculture Club
  • Cheese Club
  • Beekeepers Club
  • Dairy Science Club

Major has one core curriculum