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L-R: Lalita Limpichart, Matt Rider, Phil Schoebel, Aryn Santrock, Jennifer Kellogg, Prince Oliver, Katie Speicher, Mark Younkins, Carli Cantenacci, Dr. Patrick Drohan
Soil Judging Team places 15th at 2016 Nationals
August 4, 2016
The Penn State Soil Judging Team placed 15th in the nation at the National Collegiate Soil Judging Contest in Manhattan, KS. The contest was held the week of April 4th in the area around Manhattan.
 Standing L-R: Tom Heron, Phil Schiebel, Prince Oliver, Jennifer Kellogg, Matt Rider, Lalita Limpichart, Mark Younkins, Nicole Kubiczki, Katie Speicher. Kneeling L-R: Matt Dilger and Bill Wall. Reclining: Aryn Santrock.
Soil Judging Team takes 2nd at 2015 Regionals; Qualifies for Nationals in Kansas
October 21, 2015
Between October 13th and 16th twelve students from Penn State competed at the 2015 Northeast Regional Collegiate Judging Contest hosted by The Ohio State University at Wooster, OH.
L-R: Tom Heron, Nicole Kubiczki, Nancy Kammerer, Bill Wall, Matt Dilger, John Dawyot, Kaitlyn Benson, Devon Turner.
Soil Judging Team takes 17th at 2015 Nationals
October 21, 2015
Between April 19th and 24th 22 schools from across the U.S. competed at the 2015 National Collegiate Judging Contest hosted by Univ. Arkansas, Monticello, AR.