Exhibitors interested in demonstrations at designated areas for large equipment or even for smaller equipment at their site need to submit information to help prepare for a successful activity.

Any exhibitor interested in being a part in any demonstration area must complete a Demonstration Request Form and have appropriate General Liability Insurance coverage of at least 3 million dollars. To provide safe, quality demonstrations and meet the needs of both the commercial exhibitor and viewing audience, the management requests some very important and timely information from your company to plan the event.

In planning the Timber 2023 event at the Rock Springs location, we have the unique opportunity to offer on-site demonstrations. The goal of the management of this event is to provide the best and safest demonstrations possible--making demos a cornerstone of this event. If a certain demonstration is not offered this year, management will highly consider it for future shows. A "Ride and Drive Area" is provided for prospective buyers to operate certain equipment. Other individual company demo areas are available on the outskirts of the show area in a designated "Noise Area" or "In-the-Woods/Field Area"

Location, schedule and list of demonstration participants will be available closer to the show date.

2023 Insurance Memo

PDF document, 1.1 MB

Specifications for completing the insurance requirements to participate in the show are outlined in the PDF below. As an exhibitor interested in demonstrating equipment on the grounds, you will need to show proof of $3 million dollars of general liability insurance.


PDF document, 168.0 KB

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