The purpose of this award is to recognize graduate students who are excelling in research and scholarly accomplishments. These may include the quantity and quality of research output; potential impact and importance of their research output; the leadership role the student played in their research activities; communication of research through scholarly publications and presentations; mentoring of others in related research activities; and the leadership role the student played in their research activities (original research idea, leadership in the lab, success in securing own grant funding, etc.). Note: MS nominees do not need to have a publication record at the time of nomination. Applications are due November 1.


Full-time graduate students, advised by faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences, with research and scholarly accomplishments. Previous recipients of this award are not eligible.


$2,000 deposited into student's bursar account.

Selection Process

An award committee will be appointed by the Assistant Dean for Graduate Education to select the recipient.


  1. Complete the nomination and upload nominee CV via InfoReady by Wednesday, November 1, 2024. Submissions that are received by the deadline will be considered; late submissions will not be accepted.
  2. Nominating faculty must complete the Statement of Support in the nomination submission that highlights the nominee’s engagement in research and scholarship accomplishment. Consider impact, effectiveness, innovation, and/or significance of contribution. Please be sure to relate your comments to the award criteria and highlight specific examples.
  3. The nomination may include the optional Additional Support field in the nomination submission should describe any other reason(s) why this student is deserving of this recognition not noted above.
  4. Faculty Advisor Certification must be completed, regardless of the nominator, by Monday, May 6, 2024, for nomination to be considered by the award committee.