I participated in a bobcat study on Cumberland Island National Seashore through the U.S. Geological Survey and the Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit over my winter break from December 28, 2011 to January 4, 2012. Dr. Duane Diefenbach, the professor who was in charge of the study, was apart of the team that introduced bobcats to the island over 20 years ago. Two other undergraduate students and I helped Dr. Diefenbach collect scat samples of both bobcats and coyotes (which migrated to the island on their own) for the purpose of DNA analysis. In order to do this, we had to hike marked trails and along the beach searching for samples. Once a sample was found, we followed the established protocol for collection. We recorded the GPS coordinates of the sample and then extracted the samples for DNA analysis. The rest of the sample was stored separately for a food habits analysis. This study gave me my first real taste of field work and I feel I learned a lot from the experience.