For the Fall semester, I am volunteering at Center Wildlife Care. CWC is the wildlife rehabilitation center for central PA. While I'm there, I feed the orphaned squirrels, clean raptor cages (VERY carefully!), and do any other cleaning that needs done. I also help out with special events like the Wild About Animals Event in the spring. The squirrels at the center are adorable when they first start out there, but as they get older and they become weaned, they become more like wild squirrels. They are more difficult to handle and some can bite. The raptors can be a challenge. They do not like to be handled or have you in their space in any way. You have to very wary of the beaks and talons at all times. The Screech Owls are not so bad; though they are known to launch out of their cages when you open the door. Overall, I love the work that I do. I love being able to help. Center Wildlife Care is the place to go for a lot of orphaned or injured animals. Robyn and the rest of the team do a marvelous job taking care of them and I'm glad I can be a part of it.