(Literacy, Education, and Agricultural Development Society Prior to June 2022)

The Penn State FFA Alumni and Supporters Society at Penn State is a student organization devoted to agricultural literacy and advocacy in all forms. Our focus is to develop our members into informed leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to support the agricultural industry. Through service, professional development, and social events we equip members with the real world skills that will prepare them for taking the next step in their personal and professional journeys. 

Please be on the look out for an updated meetings list coming in the Fall of 2023!

Interested in more info? Please fill out the form at https://forms.gle/VvELdtyBG7AkJsRR7 or email Cheyenne Bastian-Brown at cvb5819@psu.edu

Are you an educator looking for some assistance with FFA events? We can help! Please fill out our request form to have PSU FFA Alumni and Supporters members attend your event!


Cheyenne Bastian-Brown