The purpose of the Food Chemistry Club is to offer participants a new perspective on the chemistry associated with food and cooking. The club is to engage undergraduate students of all majors by conducting “kitchen chemistry activities" which will result in products that students can eat and enjoy. It is our mission to teach members the scientific principles behind the activities being conducted to understand the scientific nature of food including but not limited to: physical changes, chemical changes, heating principles, nutrition, and food processing at a deeper, scientific level. This club will also serve as a collaboration with CHEM 5 and CHEM 113 FC to help develop and further refine the food science-based curriculum.

Some of our most popular experiments, which are gluten networking in cookies and muffins, Maillard Browning in Pretzels, and manipulating milk fats and milk proteins to make butter, whipped cream, ghee, and cheese.


President: Madeline Feeney

Vice President: Zahra Gani

Treasurer: Mallory Michalko


LinLin Jensen