The purpose of CRBH Research Team is to provide undergraduate students with experience working with dairy cattle, identifying signs of estrus, and monitoring the health and welfare of the cows. The CRBH Research Team's main goal is to assist in observations of estrus behavior and general health checks of dairy cows used for reproductive biology research. Each student will have the opportunity to interact with graduate students and postdoctoral associates in reproductive biology at meetings, learn about current research projects and why this research is likely to benefit both agriculture and human medicine. Through biweekly meetings, we discuss how to get involved in research and in the world of reproduction to help students find new interests within the field.

The CRBH research team is open to all undergraduate and graduate students looking to be involved with research focusing on enhancing knowledge of the industry. We meet every other Thursday in 106 AVBS at 7 pm.

Our main methods of communication include GroupMe and our Canvas page! If you are interested in joining, please reach out to our president or join on Org Central.


Hana Romanik


Adrian Barragan

Claire Stenhouse