The Fermentation Science Club at Penn State is a club that enjoys the process of creation and science behind all things fermented (Bread, Wine, Sour Kraut, Kombucha, Beer, etc.).
We view our club's yearly goals and objectives through a responsible lens with a primary focus on the science and creation of the product, not consumption.

This club is ideal for students of all majors regardless of age, but especially those involved in degrees that revolve around fermentation sciences (Food Science, Chemistry, Biology, Plant Science, etc.) as well as Engineering and Physics.

If you are a student who is creative, has a competitive side, learns by doing (hands on activities), interested in how fermentation and food play a central role in everyday society, or simply want to become a part of a friendly and well-organized community, this club may be ideal to consider joining!
The Fermentation Science Club at Penn State usually meets on Wednesday at 5:30 PM in Room 252 of the Rodney A. Erickson Building (Food Science Building | PSU Creamery).


Joseph Russo -


Dr. Chris Sigler

203 Food Science Building / PSU Creamery