Phi Tau Sigma (ΦΤΣ) is The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology. The Penn State chapter of Phi Tau Sigma celebrates academic excellence and fosters leadership and professional development for Food Science students.

Our mission is to elevate awareness of our discipline and formally recognize academic students and working professionals in Food Science and Technology. This mission is fulfilled by teaching Food Science students and mentoring professionals through the collective knowledge, skills, and resources of the Penn State Phi Tau Sigma member network.

Our goals are to:
1. To recognize and honor the professional achievements of Food Scientists and Technologists.
2. To encourage the application of fundamental scientific principles to Food Science and Technology.
3. To stimulate the exchange of scientific knowledge through meetings, lectures, and publications.
4. To establish and maintain a network of Food scientists.
5. To promote Food Science and the Penn State community through charitable, scientific, professional development, and educational programs.

Board Members

  • President: Tyler Chandross-Cohen
  • Vice President: Ashley Ohstrom
  • Secretary: Auja Bywater
  • Treasurer: Paige Wiggins
  • Social Media Chair: Mackenna Yount


Visit Penn State's Phi Tau Sigma Instagram to stay up to date on events and learn how to join.

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