MANRA/MANRRS at Penn State fosters and promotes the agricultural sciences and related fields in a positive manner among multicultural groups. Its members initiate and participate in activities and programs that will ensure ethnic minority involvement in agricultural sciences and careers.

Early in 1985, minority students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University established the first campus MANRA organization. Later that same year, the Michigan State group traveled to Penn State to encourage students to organize a similar group. The networking between students at the two universities and others of like mind at other universities has led to the formation of the national society for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS).

The Penn State chapter includes graduate and undergraduate students, with membership open to all students dedicated to its objectives. MANRRS primary objective is to provide a networking and support group to promote recruitment and retention of minority students through a program of social and educational activities.

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Milton G. Newberry, III, Ph.D.
101 Agricultural Administration Building