The Beekeepers Club exists as a space for beekeeping-enthusiasts and for those simply interested in learning about/sharing the beekeeping hobby.

We promote the importance of honeybees through various activities. Members may be granted opportunities to visit beekeeping locations, to hear talks from experts in the field, and to potentially help the club start/maintain a few colonies of our own in order to further our appreciation and knowledge of honeybees and beekeeping.


The club's main activity includes going out to our hives on campus.

When the weather is warm enough, we go out to our hives on campus known as "hive visits." Hive visits are a highlight for most club members as this is where we all get hands on experience being with the bees. Club members are welcome to learn how to a light smoker, to hold frames, to taste fresh honey, and to see honeybees up close.

During the colder months, the Beekeepers Club has classroom style meetings where we educate club members on honeybees and safety procedures pertaining to hive visits.

In the Fall semester, the club does a honey extraction workshop. Once a semester, we do a wax working day, which includes making candles from our hive's wax.

We also participate in the Great Insect Fair, Ag Day and other agricultural events.

How Can I join the Club?

No matter what your experience with bees is, anyone is welcomed to join our club!

Please send an email to and ask to be added to our email list. Additionally, like our FaceBook page: Penn State Beekeepers Club and follow our Twitter: @psubeekeepers.