BioRenewable Systems

Our BioRenewable Systems major combines the study of engineering technology, natural resources, and agriculture with the fundamentals of business, entrepreneurship, and management.

Options within the major: Agricultural Systems Management, Bioproducts

Why major in BioRenewable Systems?

You may choose this major if you want to:

  • solve real-world problems related to the bioeconomy
  • work with engineers in the testing, development, and improvement of new agricultural equipment and bioproducts
  • make a difference in the world by developing more efficient and sustainable technologies and systems

Career Opportunities for Graduates

The number of job openings in the agricultural industry annually exceeds the number of available qualified graduates.

Graduates can pursue careers in:

  • bioenergy
  • bioprocessing
  • co-product development
  • environmental systems
  • food production
  • forest and wood products
  • power and machinery systems
  • quality assurance
  • technical service and sales

Learn More

Visit the BioRenewable Systems Major website for course requirements, opportunities, and more information.

Contact Information

Nicole R. Brown
  • Associate Professor of Wood Chemistry
Phone: 814-865-7423