Tracy Hoover, Ph.D.

  • Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Tracy Hoover, Ph.D.
101 Ag Administration Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-865-7521

Areas of Expertise

  • youth leadership development
  • teaching and learning


  1. B.S., 1982, Delaware Valley College
  2. M.Ag., 1983, The Pennsylvania State University
  3. Ph.D., 1990, The Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications

Radhakrishna, R., Chikthimmah, N., Ewing, J. & Hoover, T. (2010). Structured Feedback: A Tool for Teaching and Learning. J. NACTA. June. pp 59-60.

Hoover, T., Scholl, J., Dunigan, A., & Mamontova, N. (2007). A Historical Review of Leadership Development in the FFA and 4H. Journal of Agricultural Education, 48(3), 100-110.

Radhakrishna, R., Ewing, J., Hoover, T. & Chikthimmah, N. (2009). Assessment Strategies to Enhance Teaching-Learning: Outcomes from two Courses. National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture. Stillwater, OK

Hoover, T. & Dunigan, A. (2003). Leadership Characteristics and Professional Development Needs of Collegiate Student Organizations. J. NACTA. 48(2), 22-26.

Hoover, T & Webster, N. (2004). Modeling Service Learning for Future Leaders of Youth Organizations. Journal of Leadership Education. 3(3). 58-62.

Hoover, T. & Atwater, D. (2005). National FFA Officer Candidate Preparation: Developing Future Leaders for Society. Journal of Agricultural Education. 46(1), 80-90.