Macy Grove

Macy Grove

  • Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Major: Agribusiness Management
  • Minor(s): International Agriculture, Horticulture
  • Class of: 2025

Question #1: What inspired you to pursue the major you are in?

While I didn’t grow up at home with agriculture, agriculture has been one of my main interests since I was young. I worked on a horse farm for a decade, I did four years of agriculture education and FFA in high school, and I have now utilized some of this knowledge through internships working on farms and in labs. I knew from a young age I was destined for a career in agriculture. I eventually started my college career at Duquesne University pursuing a Biology degree. During this time, I had a lot of self-exploration, which was wonderful, and realized that while biology is interesting, I needed to get back to my ag roots as well as open more opportunities. I transferred here to Penn State for Agribusiness Management, and it was the best decision I have ever made! Agribusiness Management encompasses everything I wanted it to. I get a perfect mix of agriculture, communications, and business education. I also have additional minors where I can hone in on specific interests. Even though I have a long history in agriculture and some business knowledge as well due to my dad’s line of work, I think the thing that really inspired me was going to Duquesne University. It inspired me to pursue what I really love regardless. It inspired me to make the decisions that are right for me.

Question #2: What has been the best part of your time in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences?

The best part has absolutely been the opportunities! Coming from a school where I felt that I had minimal clubs, jobs, or activities for my interests, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences makes me feel like the world is at my feet. Since being at Penn State, I have interned at an agricultural research extension center, worked at a plant pathology lab on campus, interned at the Penn State Student Farm, joined the Ag Advocates, joined the agricultural marketing team, and more. The opportunities feel endless and that’s what I really love. Additionally, even if an interest of yours within the College of Ag Sciences doesn’t exist, you have resources to start clubs or activities and people who will support you through that. I really enjoy the fact that I can choose my path and participate in a wide variety of things, which expand my skills and experiences.

Question #3: What do you wish you would have known as a new student at Penn State?

One thing I wish I knew, and that I would tell new students, is that it is perfectly ok to not know what to do with your major, minors, or clubs. This transition is all about learning what you do like and what you do want to do. It is not necessarily something you can decide by doing one activity or taking one class. And, in addition, it is relatively easy to change your path mid-way through your college career. As you grow and experience things, it is perfectly natural to have changing and developing interests. I think it is important for new students to know that while this is a time to build your skills and resume, it is also a time to explore yourself.