Leah Welk

Leah Welk

  • Junior
  • Major: Agricultural Sciences and Public Relations
  • Minors: Digital Media Trends and Analytics, Leadership Development
  • Hometown: Strasburg, PA

I chose Penn State and the College of Agricultural Sciences because of the small community feel within the college but the resources and quality education of a large university. I quickly felt home on Ag Hill and knew I made the right decision for my college experience. Plus, the faculty and staff were helpful when I was deciding to add on another major outside of the college. 

Favorite Penn State Activity:
Going to football games- it's an experience like no other being in the student section at Beaver Stadium. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I grow up, I want to work in agriculture communications or marketing. Whether working in for an agency or in-house, I want to further bridge the gaps between consumers, producers and companies through social media and public relations. 

Proudest Achievement in life so far:
My proudest achievement so far has been not paying for college up until this year due to the number of scholarships I have received. Additionally, through my success showing pigs, lambs and goats in 4-H and FFA, I am able to pay for my education completely on my own.

Graphic design, attending livestock shows, reading, and hanging out with my sweet nephew. 

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? 
I think it would be cool to be a bird! Really any kind of bird that flies as I would love to quickly travel to different places. 

Dream Vacation Spot:
Either Greece or Fiji. Clear blue water and some good food is all I need.