Kieran Schug

Kieran Schug

  • Hometown: Blue Point, NY
  • Major: Animal Science
  • Minor(s): Spanish, Smeal Business Certificate
  • Class of: 2026

Question #1: What inspired you to pursue the major you are in?

Growing up, I was not the mainstream school student; I always have learned better hands-on. When I got to high school, with the guidance of some of the school's staff, I was led to 4-H where I showed market goats to pursue my love for animals and the life cycle. When the coronavirus pandemic struck and shut down our schools, I was fortunate enough to land a job on a dairy farm where we produced not just dairy products, but eggs and meat as well. While in high school I started to look for colleges and majors that I would like to pursue. I found the Penn State College of Ag  Sciences and fell in love with the close-knit community and the endless business connections.

Question #2: What has been the best part of your time in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences?

Throughout spending time in the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, my love for the school and the industry continues to grow each day. I have become involved with various clubs and organizations on campus. Some include Ag Student Council, Dairy Science Club, Poultry Science Club, Meat Science Club, and Ag Advocates. Also, I work at the Meat Lab. My favorite part of these activities combined with the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences has been the people I met along the way. I am constantly immersed with new people and making connections that will last a lifetime.

Question #3: What do you wish you would have known as a new student at Penn State?

Something I wish I knew before attending Penn State was the idea that all students have such different experiences. Personally, I found myself enrolled in several credits, exploring new courses and interests. I also enjoy spending my time working during the week at the Meat Lab. I thrive off time management, and feel satisfied after a day of academics, work, and maintaining a social life. It is so interesting to see how my experience differs from my peers, and what they make of their life at Penn State.