Gary A. Thompson

Gary A. Thompson

  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
  • Director of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station
217 Agricultural Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802


  • Ph.D. Purdue University
  • M.S., University of Wisconsin
  • B.S., University of Nebraska

Gary Thompson serves as the associate dean for research and graduate education and the director of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station. In this position, he works with students, faculty, staff, University administrators, alumni, and Pennsylvania stakeholders and is actively involved in organizations that provide regional and national leadership for research in our land-grant institutions. As a professor of plant science at Penn State, his research program focuses on the molecular biology of plant vascular systems and the genomics of plant responses to phloem-feeding insects. He has served as an adviser for numerous federal and international funding organizations and is a fellow in the APLU-sponsored Food Systems Leadership Institute.

Prior to his arrival at Penn State in 2011, Dr. Thompson held positions at Oklahoma State University, the National Science Foundation, University of Copenhagen in Denmark, University of Arkansas, and University of Arizona.


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