Ag Journeys

“This major has so much to offer!”

Emma Chaplin

Hometown: Camp Hill, PA

Major: Environmental Resource Management (ERM)

Minor: International Agriculture (INTAG)

Clubs: Sigma Alpha sorority, Junior Panhellenic Council, Schreyer Student Council, hoping to join the Environmental Resource Management Society.

Good at: Taking care of houseplants, coming up with creative solutions, communication, playing tennis, being a people person, listening to music and podcasts, hiking, spending time outside.

Students in a field

Just ask.

“Want to study abroad? Do research? Take a class outside your major? Over and over, my experience at Ag has been just ask. If you are a motivated serious student, the Ag community looks for a way to say yes.”

Emma in tree with dad

I learned to fish before I learned to ride a bike.

We were always outside hiking, fishing, you name it. I credit my family, and especially my dad, for giving me a love for the outdoors.”

Best of both worlds.

“I looked at environment programs at other schools, but I chose ERM at Penn State because it allowed me to explore the in-the-weeds tech and science of an environmental science major along with the more conceptual environmental studies majors.”

Antarctica mountains and snow view

Antarctica felt once in a lifetime.

“In January of 2024 I joined an ERM sponsored research trip to Antarctica. I kayaked next to penguins. I almost feel like nothing more needs to be said. But I’ll say: seals, whales, transformative beauty, rough seas, unforgettable skies. Go to Antarctica.”

“We need more people like you in the world.”

Emma in truck

Kenya calling.

“Last spring semester, I took a course and did a study abroad session in Nyeri, Kenya. This experience was life-changing to say the least. It’s hard to call going to Kenya a 'trip' because it was more of an experience that greatly changed my world view.”

Emma and Tammy Shannon

Tammy Shannon will show you the way.

“When I came to campus for an accepted student day program, we started in a packed auditorium, which was overwhelming. By the end of the day, I was in a room with a handful of prospective ERM students. Tammy, lead adviser for ERM, convinced me then and there that this was the place for me. She showed me individual attention and pointed me to an environmental attorney in my area where I later interned.”

Schreyer and Ag fit great together.

“Between the Schreyer Honors College and Ag, my Penn State experience has been all about community and excellence. Studying abroad, research, honors classes, and highly personalized advising have been great for me. Both organizations are about being part of something bigger than yourself.