Hard science and hands on, this is in-the-field study of fish, wildlife, and their ecosystems. Grads work for state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, or continue on to advanced degrees.

Interest Areas
  • Science
  • Policy and Regulatory Affairs
  • Environment, Sustainability, Nature
  • Animal
  • Education
Target Major/Degree https://agsci.psu.edu/academics/undergraduate/majors/wildlife-and-fisheries-science
Facilities, Centers, and Institutes

Research facilities include fisheries labs assigned to physiology, ecology, and image analysis as well as water resources and wildlife labs devoted to hydrology, water quality, ecology, and habitat studies.

  • Aquariums 
  • Environmental education centers 
  • Conservation districts 
  • Wildlife management agencies 
  • Fish hatcheries
  • State and national parks 
  • Graduate and professional schools 
  • Universities 
  • Zoos 
Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Fly Fishing Club
  • Woodsmen Team
  • Penn State Spur Collectors
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF)
  • The Wildlife Society (TWS)

Focus your degree with an option in Wildlife or Fisheries