A hands-on, science approach to protecting the environment. You can use this environmental science major to work for natural resource consulting firms, corporate sustainability, government agencies, and nonprofits or go on to continued success in grad programs in science, business, medicine, and environmental law.

Interest Areas
  • Plant
  • Science
  • Policy and Regulatory Affairs
  • Environment, Sustainability, Nature
  • Animal
  • Education

Focus your degree with an option in Environmental ScienceSoil Science or Water Science

  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Federal and state regulatory agencies
  • Corporate sustainability
  • State and national parks
  • Conservation districts
  • Conservancies
  • Environmental education organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Environmental law
  • Water quality
  • Wetland science
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Property and land management firms
Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Environmental Resource Management Society
  • Fly Fishing Club
  • Soil Judging Team
  • Student Farm
  • Sustainable Agriculture Club
Facilities, Centers, and Institutes

Laboratories and technology classrooms are only the beginning. Step outside and learn about our building's natural roof; or across the street and into the Arboretum at Penn State, part of a 370-acre parcel of undeveloped land where faculty and students work to preserve valuable green space in a rapidly urbanizing landscape.

Target Major/Degree https://agsci.psu.edu/academics/undergraduate/majors/environmental-resource-management