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"Valentine," a grape tomato developed by Penn State plant geneticist Majid Foolad in collaboration with breeders at Johnny's Selected Seeds, was named an All-America Selections winner for 2018.
Coming to a garden near you: An award-winning, Penn State-bred tomato variety
March 15, 2018
Valentine's Day may have passed for this year, but if you're in love with sweet, firm, antioxidant-rich — and award-winning — tomatoes that will perform well in your garden this season, you're in luck, thanks to a researcher in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. "Valentine," a new variety of grape tomato that germinated in the breeding program of plant scientist Majid Foolad, now is available commercially after nearly two decades in development.
A dead ant manipulated by a species of so-called "zombie ant fungus" clings to a twig in a South Carolina forest.
Infected 'zombie ants' face no discrimination from nest mates
March 13, 2018
Carpenter ants infected with a specialized parasitic fungus are not subjected to aggression or isolation from their nest mates, and they continue to share in the colony's food resources until they leave the nest for the last time to die, according to a study led by Penn State researchers.
The 16th annual Penn State Equine Science Showcase and Quarter Horse Sale is slated for Saturday, April 28, at the Snider Agricultural Arena, University Park. Students play an important role in ensuring the show's success.
16th annual quarter horse sale: A tradition of excellence
March 7, 2018
The 16th annual Penn State Equine Science Showcase and Quarter Horse Sale will take place Saturday, April 28, at the Snider Agricultural Arena, University Park.
A rising number of producers wish to manage ramps as an agroforestry crop, and this research will provide the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture with information on the trade of ramps at farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants to better understand market opportunities, concerns and constraints for guiding forest farmers.
Researchers to study ramps' market, flavor profile, vulnerability to pest
March 7, 2018
A good way to describe ramps, it has been said, is to note what they are not. Ramps are not leeks, nor are they scallions or shallots. Ramps look like scallions, but they're smaller and have one or two broad, flat leaves.
A portion of the Beef Quality Audit included live-animal evaluations. Since 2007, there has been a trend toward increased body condition scores in both beef and dairy cows. There was a 36 percent increase in the body condition score in 2016.
Penn State Extension expert sees beef quality continuing to improve
March 6, 2018
Following 25 years of measurement, management and continued improvement, the quality of beef is high, but there is still an opportunity to make it better, according to a beef cattle specialist with Penn State Extension.