Urban Agriculture and Nutrition

Hannah Reiff, Urban Agriculture and Nutrition Mentor, can be reached at or 412-877-5659.

Hannah Reiff is Production Manager at Garden Dreams Urban Farm & Nursery in Pittsburgh.  As production manager, she oversees the production of 45,000 heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings for sale, and manages a neighborhood CSA program. Keeping bees, tending chickens, and building her homestead garden keep her busy when she isn't hanging out with the seedlings.

Garden Dreams started in 2001 when owner Mindy Schwartz began selling extra seedlings from her garden. She worked to acquire and remediate several vacant lots adjoining her property and began to grow her sales into a sustainable seedling business. Today Garden Dreams is a small, community-oriented business that grows and sells seedlings to home gardeners, community gardens, nonprofits, schools and retail markets.  They specialize in heirloom varieties of tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings and also grow other vegetable, herb, flower, and fruit seedlings.  Produce grown on the farm sustains their neighborhood "Mini CSA".  Garden Dreams is guided by the belief that they are stewards of the land they use. Consequently, they rely on beneficial insects and soil health to grow healthy plants and maintain their little ecosystem in the city.


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