Dairy and Cheese

Catherine Renzi, Dairy and Cheese Mentor, can be reached at or 610-827-2014.

Catherine Renzi became interested in landscape and conservation through a lifelong passion for cultivating plants and raising animals for food.  Catherine has an A.B. in Art/Architecture from Smith College and a Master’s degree in Art History from University of Pennsylvania. She serves as a Board member and Committee member for various arts and conservation organizations. Catherine is a farmer, land steward, cheese-maker, business manager, and popular public speaker & writer.

Catherine and her husband & business partner, Al Renzi, purchased Yellow Springs Farm in 2001.  Formerly a 19th-century dairy, the land at Yellow Springs Farm was fallow when the Renzi’s acquired it.  Today the 8-acre farm has been restored through sustainable practices and conservation landscaping.  It includes both a native plant nursery and an artisanal goat cheese dairy.  The goat dairy started with two family pets and has grown to a full breeding and production herd of Nubian goats.  The goats eat a local, organic diet, and their milk is used to produce award-wining cheeses and yogurts. Yellow Springs Farm is a unique farm business in that they focus on growing and selling native landscape plants in their nursery.  In addition to nursery and goat dairy products, they offer landscape design, installation and consulting services.

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