USDA Creates New Women In Ag Mentoring Network

Posted: March 10, 2015

Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krista Harden announced last month that the USDA has created an email address where women can share their stories, suggestions and other thoughts. By sending an email to the new address, you will be automatically signed up to the new network. is the email created for women farmers across the nation to support each other by sharing their experiences, challenges, successes and any tips they want to share with other women farmers. Ms Harden shared, "I am truly excited by the passion and confidence I continue to see in women in agriculture across the country. In the office, on the road, I am constantly stopped by young women looking to find mentorship, or current leaders looking to lift up our next generation. Now, with our new network, you can.

This is just the first step in giving women the tools they need to be successful agricultural leaders. Keep sharing your stories using #womeninag and stay tuned for more information on the Women in Agriculture Mentoring Network."

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