Integrating Natural Health Care into Your Herd

Posted: April 9, 2015

Join PA-WAgN for an information packed field day as farmer Gay Rodgers and Holistic Veterinarian Susan Beal address farmers' concerns in transitioning to natural treatments to optimize herd health.
Hameau Farm cows out on pasture

Hameau Farm cows out on pasture

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Hameau Farm in the Big Valley is a sustainable pasture-based farm.  Owner Gay Rodgers and her team milk registered Ayrshires and, like many farmers, Gay is concerned about maintaining herd health.  She has invested years in genetics and raising the herd she desires and wants to ensure optimal health.

Holistic Veterinarian Susan Beal will lead participants on a tour of the pastures at Hameau Farm as she describes requirements to switch to natural healthcare without compromising the herd's integrity.  She will discuss the importance of healthy pastures, nutrition, and living conditions.

Susan will demonstrate techniques to diagnose various animal ailments and natural treatments.  Preventive measures will be discussed as well as when conventional treatments are necessary.  A PA Certified Organic representative will review how treatments may affect organic certification.

This event was organized in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Women’s Agricultural Network at Penn State with funds by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture Grant #2012-49400-19602.