Check Out Archived PA-WAgN Farminars

Posted: April 9, 2015

PA-WAgN mentor Farminars have been recording webinars (that we call Farminars) on their specialty topics. These Farminars are archived on our website.

Ever wanted to learn different farming techniques from experienced farmers, but just didn’t know where to begin?  PA-WaGN Farminars offer a dynamic opportunity for those hungry to learn, or simply interested in different farming topics.  An interactive learning tool offered through PA-WaGN, Farminars function like on-line classrooms through which farmers share their expertise with people seeking advice and experienced insight.  Offered live on-line, participants can ask questions and receive responses in real time during a presentation.  Can’t tune in during the allotted time? No problem. Each Farminar is stored on the PA-WaGN website so that they can be watched at a later time, or revisited when needed.  Archived since 2013, past topics have included something for everyone, such as urban farming, value-added goat dairying, growing heirloom tomatoes, and growing and marketing broilers and turkeys. 

Upcoming Farminars will include: Attracting Customers through Fiber and Education, on a date to still be determined, in which Terri Kinka of Golden Glen Alpacas will discuss how to break into the niche market of alpacas.


Archived Farminars can be found here:


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