USDA Developing 3 New Local Food Directories

Posted: September 15, 2014

USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory is a valuable tool for consumers, farmers, and ranchers. Therefore, they are expanding the program to three new food directories.

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is developing three new local food directories to expand support for local and regional foods including:


(1)  USDA’s National Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Enterprise Directory

(2)  USDA’s National Food Hub Directory

(3)  USDA’s National On-Farm Market Directory


The goal:  Invite local food business owners to list their operational details in the new directories.


AMS has asked us to forward the message below so that you can distribute the information about the new local food directories and how managers, operators, and owners can register their organizations or businesses to connect with buyers.  This is a great resource for your local food businesses. The process is user friendly and the website provides details on how to register organizations and businesses to the individual directories.


Contact or Peter Wood, Public Affairs Office at AMS; telephone: 202-720-6179 for more information.





Are you a manager, operator, or owner of an on-farm market, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) enterprise, a food hub, or a farmers market?   We at USDA are making it easier for your organization or business to reach more customers.  We offer four directories to help local food businesses connect with buyers.  Building on the success of the National Farmers Market Directory, USDA has developed national directories for On-Farm Markets, CSA Enterprises, and Food Hubs designed specifically to communicate operating information, product selection, terms of payment, and most importantly, location (addresses and map coordinates) in a dynamic environment that allows you to enter your baseline information in minutes, then update it anytime you want. The directories are available free of charge to registering organizations and businesses. Register as many organizations or businesses as you manage, own, or operate.  The directories will be available to the public no later than January 2015.


The main registration and update webpage at includes brief description of each directory. You can add your information to the directory that fits your operation and you can register each business or organization you manage, own, or operate. It only takes a few minutes even when you access more than one directory.


If you have already registered, we thank you for your support.  Please pass on this information to other businesses and organizations who would benefit by reaching a broader base of customers interested in local foods.


Contact USDA at for more information.