2014 Strategic Marketing Conference in Canandaigua, NY

Posted: November 7, 2014

Women farmers can learn a variety of marketing skills and strategies to expand their farm enterprises at the Strategic Marketing Conference.

There is still time to register for the 2014 Strategic Marketing Conference being held in Canandaigua, NY November 11th & 12th.


The Strategic Marketing Conference will be held once again in November, 2014. This premier conference provides in-depth discussion on topics and issues that are critical for sellers of agricultural products. The topics the conference focuses on this year are around emerging/alternative markets and marketing methods. Presenters will include individuals who have expert knowledge and experience in how to profitably access ethnic markets and large urban populations outside of the traditional wholesale system.


Topics this year will cover changing/adding market channels, market/product diversification from both a wholesale and direct-consumer vantage point, highlighting such practices as season extension, extending into ethnic and export markets, CSA to wholesale markets, group purchasing organizations, farm-to-institution, and CSA rebate programs.


The conference is developed with a mind towards building grower and agency skills through session topics. Sessions will include specific keys to success from both growers as well as agency personnel, such as staff from GrowNYC FARMroots, Norwich Meadows Farm, and The Good Food Collective. The presenters are individuals who are actively working to develop local farm to table distribution in the urban and rural areas of the New York and New York City area.


To round out the conference there will be a session to present detailed information on cost identification with various market channels and activities. These costs will then be utilized in pricing models for price determination so that individuals entering new markets have a thorough and complete understanding of these market opportunities and how best to balance them in their business model.



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