Archived Farminars

PA-WAgN mentors have presented on-line educational events we call Farminars for the past few years. Archived farminars are available to watched at your convenience.

2017 Farminars

Watch Moie Crawford's farminar on getting ready for market.

This webinar is being re-recorded, check back after May 15th for new version.

2016 Farminars

Watch Green Heron Tools farminar on Ergonomics.

2015 Farminars

Watch Lyn Garling's Farminar: Growing & Marketing Broilers & Turkeys


Watch Hannah Reiff's Farminar: Challenges in Urban Farming

Watch Catherine Renzi's Farminar: Connecting Landscapes to Foodscapes

 Watch Leah Tewksbury's Farminar: Heirloom Tomatoes: From Greenhouse to Field

Not available at this time.

2014 Farminars

Diversify Your Farm:Sharing Your Land with Neighbor and Trial Farmers: An Agricultural Incubator

2013 Farminars

Value-Added Goat Dairying

Education as a Value-Added Farm Enterprise

Urban Farming at Joshua Farm

Transitioning to Mob Grazing