Posted: September 7, 2017

Priam Vineyards is a small 40 acre operation with approximately 12,000 vines looking to add a Vineyard/Winery/Farm Manager.

Priam Vineyards consists of a vineyard, winery and event center. The Vineyard/Winery/Farm Manager position will work hands on as well as manage department heads of the three businesses. Our company has been in business for 18 years and a strong history of excellence. We have just tripled the size of our tasting room and doubled our production space. We have grown by double digits every year for the last five years and are looking to accelerate that rate.

We are looking for an experienced Vineyard/Winery/Farm Manager to oversee our growing operations. Our company has a great reputation in Connecticut and has more than 3,000 followers on Facebook and a 10,000 person mailing list. The experienced Vineyard/Winery/Farm Manager will have knowledge in various areas, such as equipment, planting, disease control and operations and an eye toward making a profit. We would prefer knowledge in at least two of our three businesses Vineyard, Winery and Events/Weddings. You will be responsible for planning, organizing, and managing all activities as well as helping out in the vineyard, winery and with the wedding operations.

The duties range from working in the field pruning during the season with the vineyard manager. Coordinating the collection of fruit during the harvest, working in the fields and leading by example. Learning from the winemaker about making wine and making sure equipment is maintained and repaired. Hands on operations of the events/weddings which requires approximately 18 nights a year of being on site during the event to make sure equipment is functioning. Meeting with owners to oversee the continued double digit sales growth.

The manager will pitch in physically to make sure the operation is in tip top shape and understand when to delegate and when to pick up a shovel or hammer. You can find us at Priam vineyards.


-farm safety
-working along side of and strategizing with the heads of each area
-operations decisions
-field work supervision
-collaborate with management to purchase and negotiate farm supplies, chemicals, fertilizer, sprays etc.
-equipment maintenance
-chemical storage oversight
-application and mixing of chemicals
-determine spray schedule
-maintain detailed harvest records
-record of all spray, pesticide, application, harvest, planting schedules
-ability to multi-task


-3+ years of Vineyard, Winery, Farm Management experience

-Experience with all farm machinery including spraying, tractors, and other PTO add ons.

-Vineyard experience preferred

-Commercial/Conventional growing experience

About Priam Vineyards:

We are an integrated vineyard, winery, event center focusing on agro-tourism.

Contact Jim Melillo with questions at .