Posted: August 23, 2018

Discover how the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program can help you prepare for future career success. Look for the E&I orange table at the Agricultural Sciences Involvement Fair August 29th.

Learn to solve real-world problems. Learn creative thinking. Learn and practice a mindset that will help you become your own boss - or become invaluable to a company.

We call it "E&I" - and it stands for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program in the College of Agricultural Sciences. It's a mindset, preparation for a successful career - and a lot of fun.

"E&I provides a different perspective and skill set to supplement your education in more technical subjects so you are more equipped to solve real-world problems," said Hunter Swisher, CEO and Founder of Phospholutions, 2016 Plant Sciences graduate and Ag Springboard finalist in 2016.

Phospholutions develops products to improve fertilizer use, cut costs and improve plant quality.

For more about Swisher, see The Generation of the Agripreneur, Ag Science Magazine here.

Look for E&I at the Student Involvement Fair Wednesday, August 29th on the Creamery Lawn. Our table will be decked in orange, and our team will be happy to introduce you to the E&I Program.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program offers College of Agricultural Sciences students:

  • classes to learn and explore entrepreneurship
  • ways to meet entrepreneurs, often who recently graduated college, and learn their stories
  • an option to earn a minor in entrepreneurship, focusing on food and bio-innovation
  • a chance to win $7,500 and learn to pitch in the Ag Springboard student business pitch contest (like Shark Tank, but for Agricultural Sciences students!)

Learn more about E&I and Ag Springboard September 18th at an open house, 6-7:30 pm, 6 Armsby Building.

Contact Dr. Mark Gagnon, , Harbaugh Entrepreneur and Innovation Faculty Scholar.

Check out our website for more words of wisdom from E&I alumni and upcoming events.

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