Looking for Turfgrass and Research Experience?

Posted: February 1, 2017

The turfgrass research team is looking for a dedicated student to work this summer at the Valentine Turfgrass Research Center.

Join the turfgrass research team for the summer.  The research lab is under the direction of John E. Kaminski, Ph.D. and involves the management of turfgrass problems associated with golf courses.


  • Golf Course Green Tournament Preparations
  • Putting Green Playability Research
  • Turfgrass Disease Management 
  • Research Techniques and Lab Procedures
  • Potential USGA Tournament Volunteer Opportunity 
  • Mowing, Irrigation, Fertilization, Pesticide Application 

We are looking for a dedicated student to work on a regular, but still flexible, schedule at the Valentine Turfgrass Research Center.  Work begins in early spring and can continue into late fall. Pay is $10+ per hour.  No experience is required, but an interest in working outside and in the area of turfgrass management is strongly encouraged.  This is an entry level position with great learning and experience building potential for those interested in turfgrass management or research.  Contact: Tim Lulis at .