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Posted: October 12, 2016

Pittsburgh Summer Urban Experience 2017 Jobs

The Penn State Center Pittsburgh is looking for students for the following positions:

Urban Hydrology/Water Quality

A student with education in Hydrology is needed  to assist in monitoring and evaluation benchmarks of water quality impacts in an urban area.  The main responsibility would consist of monitoring water runoff at existing Stormwater Mitigation Demonstration projects in both the Four Mile Run and Larimer neighborhoods in Pittsburgh; while evaluating and comparing past monitoring results from those sites.  The intern will also assist in developing monitoring techniques for several sites of a large green infrastructure initiative known as Project 15206.  Water sampling and lab work will be needed to ascertain water quality and quantity after the stormwater runoff percolates through pervious concrete an adjacent bio swales/rain garden construction.  This testing should reveal actual numbers regarding the mitigation of various pollutants from our rivers when using green infrastructure.  A final report comparing current monitoring results to past is required.

Landscape Contracting

A Landscape Contracting student is needed to work in the field for the installation and maintenance of rain gardens and other various green infrastructure throughout Pittsburgh's neighborhoods.  The student will need to work collaboratively with local community residents as well as with community professionals to complete project work.  Some activities may include volunteer training and supervision during installation or maintenance work.  In addition the individual may assist in the creation of various manuals to help guide target populations in the management of green infrastructure.

Requirements: Junior or Senior. These summer work opportunities will be for the period mid-May through mid-August, approximately 30 hours per week.  This work can be used either as an internship or an independent work study.  Pay is commensurate with years of study.

For more information: contact Lisa Kunst Vavro at .