Participate in a Rewarding Study Abroad Course in Kenya!

Posted: November 15, 2016

Looking for a rewarding and unique study abroad experience? The embedded course to Kenya has some openings available.

AGECO/CED 499A/B Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya

This course is part of an initiative to develop viable economic and youth development options for a program for street children in Kenya. In this 2.5 credit course, students learn about cultural, economic and social conditions in Kenya, then student teams build on this knowledge to identify and develop options for youth development and enterprise development, culminating with on-site assessment and implementation in Kenya.  Students in the course will spend roughly two and a half weeks in Kenya beginning early May 2017. The cost is estimated to be $2,500 plus tuition and fees for 0.5 credit. Some financial aid is expected to be available.

  • Meeting time: Fridays, 9–11 am
  • Location: 003 Ferguson Building

Students in the course will be expected to meet the following objectives:

• To gain an understanding of the agro-ecological, economic and cultural environment in Kenya, specifically in Nyeri County.

• To gain an understanding of the factors that have led to the phenomenon of street-dwelling children and youth.

• To investigate the role of micro-enterprise development in income-generation and economic growth in the African context.

• To work with the youth cooperative to identify and develop production and business plans for possible enterprises.

• To develop capacity-building tools for the youth cooperative in leadership/teamwork and small business development.

• To gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for Kenyan culture and history.

For more information please contact Janelle Larson () or Sjoerd Duiker ().

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