One More Week to Register for CED 499 course to Costa Rica

Posted: November 3, 2016

Are you thinking about participating in a study abroad course this spring? Deadlines are coming up quickly!

CED 499: Local Rural Development in Costa Rica  This course is open to any major!  You can apply these credits toward fulfillment of the INTAG Minor, and toward your international specialization in CED.  Class meets about once a week in the spring semester and travels for a week after finals in May.  Contact Paige Castellanos at by NOVEMBER 12 if interested.

The course will explore development initiatives and issues, while applying them to the context of Costa Rica.  Students will study a wide range of themes such as small-scale agricultural production, entrepreneurship, sustainability, ecotourism, social assistance, and education.  Then travel to Costa Rica at the beginning of the summer, visit local projects in and around the rural community of Pacayitas, and examine the complexities of development.

Students will learn first-hand what it is like living in a small Central American rural community by staying with families and interacting with locals.  Meet with community members working toward improving living conditions and gain insight about the obstacles specific to rural communities.  Students with a variety of interests are not only welcome in the class, but will enrich the experience.  For more information: