New Co-Curricular Programs Manager

Posted: September 10, 2015

The Agriculture Education department would like to welcome a new member of the team who will be working closely with the activities that go on in the office. Melissa Sankey, a previous undergrad from Penn State, decided to come back to her alma-mater to become our Co-Curricular Programs Manager for the Center of Professional Personnel Development!
Melissa Sankey

Melissa Sankey

When Melissa first came to Penn State she received her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business Management with a minor in Animal Science. After she graduated she decided to get her masters degree at Delaware Valley University where she was awarded her MBA in Business Administration with a focus on Global Executive Leadership while working full time. All of her education and talent brought her to the right place here at Penn State! She states “I’ve always had an affinity for agriculture education and fully understand the importance of high school agricultural education programs. At one time, I anticipated being a high school agricultural educator but my vision changed through college. Working as the Co-Curricular Programs Manager allows me to immerse myself back into the agricultural education realm and support the efforts of programs here at Penn State and across the Commonwealth.”

Her passion for our program and her attitude towards agriculture education has been like no other since being in the office! Melissa also wants to bring some of her own flare as well! “I want to bring my strong industry connection to Penn State, with the hope it will increase the awareness of our program. As well as create an interface with agriculture industry partners to create dialogue to meet their growing labor needs.” Since she has been here she has been working hard to meet her goals and we know she will continue to do awesome things for the school as well as the students that she impacts! We know that she will live up to her favorite quote of “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!” Welcome again Melissa Sankey!

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