Ag Student Council Membership Update

Posted: February 17, 2015

Attention all College of Ag Sciences clubs and organizations: The Ag Student Council is updating its membership list and requires your help! All clubs must submit information to be included in the roster, stay updated, and fulfill your requirements.

The Ag Student Council requires that each club within the college has a representative attend our meetings and relay information. Currently, we are using ANGEL and need to update the group. All of the students/faculty/staff currently listed in ANGEL will be removed. In order to get your club representatives back in the group, you MUST fill out this survey (link below).

If you are a club representative, president, or adviser, please fill out the survey with the correct (updated) information.

Just because you are in the ANGEL group now does not mean that you will remain! In order for your club to stay updated and fulfill the requirements through Ag Student Council this survey will need to be filled out!

Please have all surveys submitted by Friday, February 27th.

*Note: If you filled out a survey at the meeting or have already done this, no action is required.

Submitted by Mikaela Hermstedt (