Ag Springboard Pitch Camp Coaching Sessions Weds Feb. 25 and March 4

Posted: February 19, 2015

Show up with your ideas and we'll help you develop pitches for the Ag Springboard student business pitch contest. Get an idea notebook and gift cert for a Creamery ice cream. And if you win Ag Springboard? $7,500 to launch your idea!

We know you have great ideas and we want to hear them! You could win $7,500 in seed money at this year’s Ag Springboard business pitch competition!

Join us for Pitch Camp Coaching Sessions, Wednesday Feb. 25, 7 p.m., 6 Armsby & Wednesday, March 4, 7 p.m. (location TBA)

6 Armsby is the home of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program, which hosts Ag Springboard. The Armsby building is across Curtain Road from the Palmer Museum of Art and behind the Patterson Building.

You bring the ideas and we’ll help you develop your pitch and find teammates for the contest. Plus, you'll get an idea notebook to capture all those great ideas and a Creamery ice cream gift certificate.

The March 5 Ag Springboard team formation deadline is fast-approaching!

Your idea can be for any ag sciences-related solution: a new product, new service, new business or non-profit venture. The best pitch wins $7,500 to move it forward. Competing is a resume-booster — and a lot of fun.

E-mail Entrepreneurship & Innovation Coordinator Mark Gagnon,, with your thoughts and questions, for help and mentoring.

Mark Gagnon explains why and how to compete in Ag Springboard on the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program website:

More details: Ag Springboard is a student business pitch competition for Penn State students. Teams must include a student from the College of Agricultural Sciences. The grand prize is $7,500 and the second prize is $2,500.

This means that students may start with an idea for some kind of solution — a product, service, business or a non-profit venture — then build a business pitch around it. It's the combination of an agricultural science-related idea as a business pitch.

An example of a product is the Leafy plant moisture sensor that won in 2014. The story behind Leafy:

An example of a non-profit idea is the Haitian Youth Team, from Ag Springboard 2014, which wants to teach food production to Haitian youth:

If you have an idea, look to build a team of people to help pitch a business around it. If you have the science piece, for example, look for business-oriented students, perhaps marketing or finance majors. You can do this via our teams page, or by contacting Mark Gagnon,

Or, look to join a team and help out — again, our teams page. Or, contact Mark Gagnon. Let us know your interest and we'll help with team match-making.

Teams must have an Ag Sciences student, and this is very good seed money, so at least one team on that teams page is seeking an Ag Sciences student so it can compete.

Teams register by March 5. Then they have until March 31 to submit a 10-minute video.

Finalists are announced April 9, and will live-pitch their concept to a panel of judges April 14. Winners are announced that eve at an awards banquet. Questions? Contact Mark Gagnon .

Follow us on Twitter: @psuaginnovation, #AgSpringboard And on Facebook: FB/EIPatPennStateAgSci Good luck at Ag Springboard!

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