AFA Leaders Conference Applications

Posted: August 27, 2015

The AFA Leaders Conference provides support for college men and women who are preparing for careers in agriculture-related fields, while at the same time supporting the development of human capital for the agriculture and food industry.

Leaders Conference bridges the gap between academic, leadership and work experiences while helping students understand the impact of their decisions. The conference also assists students in developing personal and professional skills necessary for lifelong success and provides a forum for updates and discussions on industry trends. Students are given the opportunity to network with peers and leaders in the agriculture industry as well as increase their excitement about the future of agriculture by creating awareness about career opportunities in agriculture. Accepted students have room and meals paid by AFA while in Kansas City. Once accepted to attend the conference, students can apply to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, Center for Experiential Learning for assistance with travel fees. Often, accepted students have no out of pocket expenses to attend this learning conference.

Apply Now as registration closes September 11, 2015 at

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