Teach Ag! Society Wii Olympics

Posted: March 31, 2014

Sweatbands are optional, but INTENSITY is NOT…

Looking for a fun way to compete will fellow college students? Have some great Wii skills you feel are under utilized? Have a lot of stress from school and just want a night out with your friends to blow some steam? Boy do we have the solution for you... Teach Ag! Society will be hosting the FIRST ever Wii Olympics April 22 at 5pm in Ferguson (this means even if you are on Ag Student Council you can still whip some butt). Teams consist of 4 members and MUST be registered by April 7th with Amanda Forstater at Grab those sweat bands and rally up the teams and join us for a great night of fun food and bragging rights! Lets see who really has the best team on campus!

For more information please contact Amanda at

Bring your A game...and we'll see you there

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