Do Green 13 Sustainability Hackathon

Posted: March 19, 2013

Do Green13 Sustainability Hackathon to be held this spring! Apply now!

Do Green13 is a sustainability focused “hackathon” event that is tentatively scheduled for April 13-14. The main idea is for teams to come together to produce sustainability projects that can be implemented on a college campus. When the 24 hour design period is up, each group will present their final product to a panel of judges. The most innovative and complete projects will earn prizes! Projects can be anything you can imagine! We are looking for everyone from IST to engineering to business to community planning teams to participate.

If you’re interested in forming a team, please send an email to Kayla Susko for the application. Applications are due by April 3rd. The official date and selection of judges will be posted to our Facebook page and Twitter account, so be sure to check out and follow @DoGreen13. Be on the lookout for updates, especially as the event date nears!