Posted: October 11, 2012

A service of the University Libraries and Information Technology Services

WHAT is ScholarSphere?  A secure service for collecting, preserving, and sharing the scholarly work of the Penn State community.

WHEN did it launch?   September 24, 2012

WHY does it matter?   ScholarSphere:

 •    Provides flexible access controls for your content

        o You may share your research with the world, or  you may restrict access to certain users or to yourself – you decide

•    Ensures safe, secure storage of your content

•    Meets funding agency requirements for sharing  research data

•    Enables your data to be linked to journal publications

•    Creates a citable, durable record of your scholarship

•    Tracks versions of the content you deposit

•    And more!

WHO can use it? Anyone can search and browse content in ScholarSphere. To upload content to ScholarSphere, you must have a Penn State Access Account.

WHERE do I find out more? Go to, or contact