Internships in Panama

Posted: August 12, 2012

Obtain an internship in Panama and help develop a sustainable community.

Kalu Yala is a sustainable community that will be built in the mountains about 45 minutes outside Panama City, Panama. Internships take place in 3 venues: building the town's foundation in the Kalu Yala valley; creating relationships in the neighboring town of San Miguel with a population just over 500; and figuring out the business logistics of building a city in Panama City.

Fall programs include: Agriculture Animal Science Biology Business Development and Entrepreneurship Community Outreach Digital Development English as a Second Language Outdoor Recreation

Interns are encouraged to develop and implement their own semester project. Some interns choose to do solo projects while others work in groups to make their dream a reality. Along the way, our Program Directors are always happy to help them plan and lend a helping hand.

Some of the most recent intern projects include: - Building an animal shelter including its design and milling the wood - Identification project of native insects and plants - Planning, building and planting gardens in the valley, San Miguel and Bella Vista location - Creation and design of the Kalu Yala blog which receives over 6,000 visitors a month - Designing, marketing and hosting art shows and networking events in Panama City - Teaching English in the elementary school in the rural village of San Miguel - Creation of an after-school science club in San Miguel - The first written history and census of the town of San Miguel - Study of women's health care in San Miguel and surrounding areas - Trail creation and mapping with viewing deck construction - Low ropes course feasibility study - Design and building of basecamp's first structures - Creation of a pizza oven with natural materials from the Kalu Yala valley

You can see some of the fun in this video by a Summer 2012 intern:

The staff is willing to assist students who wish to acquire academic credit.

Working to build a truly sustainable community, Kalu Yala is founded on the core tenants of culture, new urbanism architecture, organic food, wellness, recreation, education, preservation, and conservation of the natural environment. The Kalu Yala Valley is located in the rainforest highlands of Central Panama in a 7,000-acre valley that backs up to the Chagres National Park. The internship program allows students and young professionals to come to Panama and gain cultural exposure, work experience, and knowledge in order to create a project that will ultimately help shape this sustainable community.

Upcoming semester dates: Fall Internship: September 3rd- November 18th Spring Internship Dates: January 14th- April 12th (Early Admission Deadline: October 1st)

For more information, contact Kate Stice Stewart, Kalu Yala Intern, at email

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