Get some real world experience in agribusiness before you leave Penn State!

Posted: August 13, 2012

AgChoice Farm Credit recently created the AgChoice Scholars program, a unique experiential learning opportunity for a small group of Penn State students.

It is a two-year program where Penn State students have a first-hand glimpse at the inner-workings of Pennsylvania’s largest agricultural lender and the agricultural lending industry.
AgChoice recognizes that the agricultural industry and its needs are constantly changing and has established this program to help increase our candidate pool for future employees. The AgChoice Scholars program is also designed to build leaders for tomorrow’s agricultural industry and offer students the opportunity to network with their peers, AgChoice staff and other industry representatives. This privileged group of students will receive: hands-on experience in the agricultural finance industry, business and financial management training, leadership, teamwork and communications skills, and scholarship money and other compensation.

What does the AgChoice Scholars program involve?

AgChoice Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in many exclusive experiences. In addition to meeting coursework requirements, scholars in the program will be involved in a series of seminars, group projects and other specialized learning opportunities. The overview below provides a brief outline for what students can expect in each year of the program.

Year One (October 2012 – April 2013):
Monthly on-campus seminars, webinars or workshops,

exposing students to practical, hands-on business and financial management concepts - Scholars will learn about AgChoice and the Farm Credit System as well as the agricultural and rural communities that AgChoice serves

Group project work that will focus on specific AgChoice programs or projects
1 week paid externship
at one of AgChoice’s 10 branch offices to gain exposure to all positions and activities- externships will be held over winter or spring break
Field trip to local agribusinesses
to learn about varying facets of agriculture

Field trip to New York City during the spring semester - Scholars will visit the New York Stock Exchange, Farm Credit Funding Corporation and brokers AgChoice Scholars that successfully complete the first year of the program will receive a scholarship for their senior year at Penn State.   

Year Two (September 2013 – April 2014):
Monthly on-campus seminars, webinars or workshops that build upon concepts learned in Year One of the AgChoice Scholars program
Lending analysis, loan review and approval experiences
that will lead to presentations to AgChoice’s Credit Committee
Field trip to local agribusinesses
to learn about varying agricultural industries
Group project work
that will focus on AgChoice Farm Credit - Scholars will offer recommendations to AgChoice’s senior management team and Board of Directors Scholars that successfully complete the second year of the program will receive a monetary award. 

For Program Requirements and to Apply Online, please visit Employment Opportunities.  For more information on the AgChoice Scholars program, contact Rachel Cloninger, AgChoice’s Training Officer, at 800-349-3568 ext. 6017.