The Chesapeake Bay Club performs tree plantings, hikes, professional development events and other fun activities related to water quality and environmental health.

The purpose of The Chesapeake Bay Club is…

  • to advance advocacy, action, and awareness about the Chesapeake Bay, a national treasure.
  • to empower students to use their own voice and personal experiences to make a change in their communities.
  • to provide a space for students to grow their communication skills.
  • to allow students to make their own educated decisions and expand their perspectives on ecological issues through student engagement.
  • to bring the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Student Leadership program beyond the reach of high school students and
  • to bring like-minded students together to focus on environmental issues at and around Penn State that are connected to the Bay through local watersheds.

Curently we have meetings on Wednesdays, and they vary based on events we are having. The best way to find out when our meetings are is to join our OrgCentral so you can be placed on the email list. 


Anne Puchalsky


Talley Kayser
415 Burrowes Building