To get an idea of a typical business meeting.

Meeting Location: 101 ASI
Date: March 17, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm

I. Call to Order: President Liz Palmer called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

II. Minutes: Email Michala with corrections or additions.

III. Vice President's Report: Kara Dunmire - no report.

IV. Treasurer's Report: Amy Middleton reported the balance at $21,252.66. Hand in your receipts to her to be reimbursed! A lot of checks were deposited this week.

V. Corresponding Secretary: Becca Klopp - no report.

VI. Marshal's Report: Josh Cassar- Get initiation credits. There are lots of opportunities to do so.

VII. Committee Reports

a. Livestock-Heather Grove- Next Friday is the bull sale. Start at 10:30, but will need people out there little before.

A. Little I - Joy Beam- Get payments and shirt sizes to her ASAP.

1. Silent Auction - Sarah Shoup - find donations

2. Banquet - Kara Dunmire & Michala Zoller - tickets are $30 for friends and family

b. Horse-Cody Frock & Caitlin Walsh- no report.

c. National Convention- Angie Becker- Still have awhile till then.

d. Ag Student Council- Joy Beam & Jordan Sommers- no report.

e. Social- Angela Losinno & Jessica Betts - March 31 will be an ice cream social at the Creamery and April 9 is Broomball.

f. Meat Sale-Hannah Lux & Chandler Kern - Remember to sign up on google doc to help with processing and distribution.

g. Service- Becca Klopp- American Red Cross will be at the April 20 meeting to talk about the blood drive.

h. Blood for Bats- Kirby Eavey & Michala Zoller - Next collection March 22. Time to be there will be emailed.

i. Public Relations-Emma Foster - Send in pictures from events.

j. Yearbook- Sharon Snyder - All reports and pictures due tonight at 12! Seniors can have photos in by Sunday.

k. Scrapbook- need chairs

l. Photography Chair- Kasie Kerr & Alexis Cash - no report.

m.Webpage- Amy Middleton & Michala Zoller - no report.

n. Scholarship Fund- Brad Winegardener- needs co-chair

o. Apparel-Sharon Snyder & Kasie Kerr- Will have orders soon to be handed out.

p. IM Sports- Joy Beam & Jordan Sommers - Arena Football and Dodgeball sign-ups are coming up.

q. Fundraising-Lucas Watson & Sarah Rassler - no report.

VIII. Old Business

a. Fall Replacement Activity - Going with the Goat Show. Need people to help with paperwork. Will be October 28-30.

b. Meat-in Day - event went very well.

IX. New Business

a. Spring Judging- Happening this weekend. Come help with packing lunches. This is worth initiation credits.

b. VBSC Stayover- Need someone to do presentation on our club.

c. Bull Sale - Notes written above.

d. CDE Day- Happening April 2.

e. Meet a Farm Animal Day- April 21, will need help and a chair for this event.

f. Senior Slate to take place before the social at 6:30 pm. Elections will be April 7.

X. Advisor Comments

Viv - Make sure to come out and help at the Bull sale. Get your reports in. And show up for spring judging.

Dr. Mills - Ham processing tomorrow. Let's accomplish something.

Chris - Contact your little B to help with Spring Judging. We are certainly counting on everyone to be there to help.

Doc - Get things done and sign up to help.

Coach - Help tonight should make set up go fairly quickly. Remember impact and impressions are everything. These little kids will remember everything. This is an opportunity to give back.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.